Health Clinic

In this section, students’ periodical examinations in different fields like dentistry, orthopedics, optometry, BMI evaluation, etc. are done by the cooperation of specialists and cases are specifically followed. Daily presence of a confidant doctor to supervise students’ health conditions and offering consultation to their families are other service provisions of this system. Nutrition is something which has been considered significantly and a big step in this regard has been taken by the help of counselors and respective specialists to plan for and inform the families. For instance, a glass of fresh milk without additives along with natural sugar (date, raisin, fig, etc.) is served as a morning snack in order to increase students mental and concentration efficiency, change the habit of using harmful food and drink and replace it with healthy materials. This system tries to make students and their families familiar with traditional and international cuisines and prepares lunch consisting of bio-organic ingredients provided by Salman Restaurant and it also familiarizes them with a healthy diet.

Another specification of this system is consulting with a specialist to treat learning difficulties and to identify students with special needs and finally to take the necessary action in order to resolve learning difficulties.

This system has also employed a sports supervisor and professional coaches in different fields like basketball, volleyball, badminton, swimming, synchronized swimming, etc in which students have achieved high ranks. The first professional tai chi chuan club for children and teenagers using international masters in this field was founded in Melal center.